Details over het schip Linquenda, BHS nummer 14855

Algemene gegevens
BHS-nummer Scheepsnaam Type schip Gebouwd van Bouwjaar Werf Plaats van de werf
14855 Linquenda Luxe Motor ijzer in 1916 Bock & Meyer Oude Wetering, Zud Holland
Gebied en vracht
Oorspronkelijk vaargebied Oorspronkelijk soort vracht Huidige ligplaats
Amsterdam, Nord & Zud Holland Noord-Holland noord (incl Westfriesland)
Korte geschiedenis van dit schip
Linquenda History
First registration as on the ship: Ga1491N in 1916 Named: Eben Haezer
Ga1491N (the ‘Ga' stands for Gouda, the regional office of the Scheepsmetingsdienst, the government agency that does the measurements. All regional offices have eventually been concentrated in Rotterdam from where they then moved to Zwijndrecht. The ’N’ stands for Nederland).
Then it has a survey A11371N from 1942 Name changed to: Tijd Leert Alles

1834B-AMST-1941 from 09-10-1941
Data of this measurement: Eben Haezer, measured 31/3/1916 registered as Ga1491N 1916 (Ga5601) Owner Jan Heinis, Amsterdam, Built by De Bock & Meyer shipyard called ”De Herstelling” a shipyard in Oude Wetering, Zud.Holland in 1916, this shipyard worked from ca. 1903 until 2010. The company was declared bankrupt on 27/7/2010.
Length 17.87 m, beam 4.09 m, payload 42.720 ton, Engine 1 cylinder Deutz MKD diesel engine 12 HP reversible (This is the only Modular reversible diesel ship engine that Deutz made in that size at the time)
I have found a Jan Heinis (Grootschermer 20/12/1882) married 18/5/1910 in Haarlemmermeer with Susanna Koopman (1885) Parents: Teunis Heinis, (6 aug 1851 Grootschermer - 21 mei 1924 Zuid- en Noord-Schermer) married 4 nov 1875 te Zuid- en Noord-Schermer Maartje Kok (26 jun 1854 Schermerhorn-?) He possibly owned a ship before (measurement Ga1272N) that he sold in 1916.
Name change: Tijd leert alles (26/03/1938) 09-10-1941 ?
Registered at the Kadaster
09-10-1941 number 1834 B Amst 1941 (1834 is the number of registration at the Amsterdam ('Amst') office of the Kadaster. Year of registration is 1941. The ‘B’ stands for ‘binnenvaart’ i.e. inland shipping)
(Previous registration with the Kadaster: 5601 Amst 1916, the registration system changed in 1926 hence the different number in 1941) 
30/09/1941 owner Firma De Bock en Meyer, Oude Wetering (gem. Leimuiden) owner Pieter Meyer
09/10/1941New number 1834B1941 Amst mentioned in Kadaster 
22/10/1941 Willem Blom, expediteur te Leiderdorp and Pieter Jellis Goedhart, slager te Leiderdorp own the ship
3/1/1942 Gerrit Voorneveld, skipper in Vinkenveen registered as owner
27/03/1942 New measurement payload increased to 44,500ton so most likely when the engine was replaced with the:  Industrie engine 18 HP middle pressure, IB4 no. 814 ?
23/5/1949 Anton van der Wilk, skipper in Amsterdam
14/5/1954: Industrie engine 18 HP middle pressure, IB4 no. 814, mentioned on Kadaster.
1962 Factory new built mid Dec. 1961 marine version DAF DS575M 120 pk. turbo diesel engine number A20868 SPEC 408301 was installed with a ZF BW 30 E 45 or ES45 ? transmission (This is according to Ronald Valkenburg, that rebuilt the turbo, replaced wheelhouse with the present larger one made steering to hydraulic  on it when he owned, he told me that the Daf had been fitted new in 1962 with the ZF transmission)     
17/5/1976 Jan van der Wilk, lock/bridge keeper in Amsterdam
26/6/1992 name changed into Linquenda, by new owner Ronald Petrus Joseph van Valkenburg (19/2/1960), engineer in Nijmegen. He was living aboard a houseboat called Iris, ’t Meertje 11, 6522 KR Nijmegen.
1992-96 New Wheelhouse, replaced 6 timber windows in the front with aluminium, major change to interior.
Dec 1995 Propeller 930mm removed & repaired
07/05/1996 Owner Phillippe Raoul Robert & Nadia Morel, Neufchatel, Switzerland July 1996 Studer Twin power TWP 2024 inverter & solar panels fitted
1997  Wooden deck installed with boxes
16/06/2003 New Generator: Fischer Panda 8000 NE HP1 # C02-023-022
15/03/2005 (28/04/2005 Kadaster) Erika Skerman & Knud Sønnichsen
May 2006 Slipped at Allemand shipyard, Grau de Agde, S. France. Where Side-Power SP200TCi Bow thruster installed with a Critic CPS2 24v/20Amp, 6x Optima red top batteries, 3 New stainless water tanks totalling: 3000 liter, new front hatch made by Ateliers Lezignanais, Corbieres, S. France. Raymarine Depth sensor installed
April 2007 New tarps made to cover front, Wheelhouse & back cabin in winter. Brandt washing machine installed.
22/10/2007 Reflex 200KV diesel boiler with Teddington KBB/E electronic safety valve & Jaga radiators installed.
26/10/2007 ESO 519S Electra Sud-Oest Toulouse, France. 230 volt Shore power isolation transformer installed
2007-08 Complete refurbishment of main bedroom, lounge/kitchen, new rear cabin single bunk done and new longer seating/double bed foldout in wheelhouse. 
21/06/2008 Toilet replaced with all pipework & new outlet
2009 Johnson Bilge pump L2200 fitted in Engine room & Altenator replaced
April  2010 Slipped at Atelier in St Jean de Losne, Central France. Survey, welding & painting
14/03/2011 New 2 x stainless steel fuel tanks apx. 200 & 300 liter made by Ateliers Lezignanais, Corbieres, S. France. fitted with Marco 103/24 transfer pump with duel filtration system. 
May 2011 Bukh tender, Very sought after double skinned row boat built about 1970 in København, Denmark fibreglass tender brought 2nd hand in Epinal.
20/09/2011 Whale Gulper 24v shower pump replaced
14/06/2012 New larger solar panels fitted with new MPPT smart regulator for both sets.
19/06/2012 Navigation lights replaced with Hella Naviled Pro made in NZ
14/05/2013 Main battery replaced with 4 x Trojan L16P-LT deep cell. 
09/08/2013 Simrad HT50 VHF installed
16/04/2014 new safety gas stove installed & gas pipe installation renewed.
20/04/2014 Easy TRX2S AIS installed
09/06/2014 Klopp Shipyard Hardinxveld Survey, welding, paint, gland seals on rudder & main prop shaft replaced, Engine room insulation done
15/06/2014 CAV Lucas injection pump and injectors replaced, ZF armature and brushes was replaced by John Otto
16/07/2014 Liebherr TP1410-21 fridge
02/06/2015 Bov thruster 6 x Optima red top replaced
05/07/2016 Garmin 100i VHF & new Omnimax TV arial
04/10/2016 Main Johnson cooling pump on front of DAF new coupling Anneua 92SH Rotex 24 & both fan belts replaced, new spares put in place for future requirements
12/04/2017 Samsung UE32j5000 Television
10/05/2017 Fire extinguisher replaced Toul France
June  2017 Life Jackets serviced
15/08/2017 New Saunier Duval C6E gas hot water boiler, electronic ignition with Reflex flue.
25/06/2018 New Starter motor fitted John Otto supplied
14/05/2019 accepted & registered on the Dutch Historic register FVEN
12-26/08/2019 Historic ship yard in Vreeswijk near Utrecht for Survey, welding & paint etc. colour changed to blue, Main service on DAF (18000 hour) & ZF by John Otto, main service on Panda generator 500hr
October 2021 New 4x Trojan L16P 420AH 24 battery installed, new Victron battery charger & Solar controller installed
December 2021 Electrical installation 230v updated. all alarms and geas hose & regulators replaced.
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Gemaakt op/in: 20 August 2019
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Lengte Breedte Diepgang Holte Tonnage Hoogte mast
17 m 90 cm 4 m 10 cm 1 m 20 cm 58,000 ton
Gegevens van het kadasternummer (brandmerk) “1834 B AMST 1941”
Brandmerk Naam eigenaar (vlgns kadaster) Naam schip (vlgns kadaster) Bijzonderheden
1834 B AMST 1941 - - -
Merk Type Serienr. Bouwjaar Nieuw of gereviseerd? Jaar geplaatst Jaar afgedankt
DAF 575 6 cylinder turbo diesel 1960